The Heroes of Port Godstone


a quarry too far.

The heroes learned that Ozymandius and ulfgar have discovered that the Godstone is actually some sort of seed that can grow a magical grove for the druid. The party authorized them to use it. They then ventured to the Quarry to explore the last remaining cave there.

Inside the cave they discovered the body of one of the miners and a second miner ranting about a montser from the depths. The Heroes took him outside to be watched over by the foreman. When they ventured back in the had a battle with some strange creatures, intellect devourers as they are known. Small brains with clawed legs. Gin had encountered these before and knew of their capability to hide in the head of a person, fearing the worst they quickly hurried out of the caves to discover the miners had taken care of the issue and explained that the miner they found inside had attacked them and they killed him and the intellect devourer that resided in his head.

Once more into the breach our heroes discovered a cavern full of Myconids that they befriended. The myconids informed them that further into the caves was the domain of mind flayers and that they should be careful. Then there was a large tremor in the earth causing a cave in that has out heroes trapped in this underground world.

They ventured onwards and encounterd a very large group of Death Dogs and they tactically funnelled the dumb creatures into a small chokepoint to take them out one or two at a time.

To be Continued…..


Lucky for us, all of our PCs have Darkvision!

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