The Heroes of Port Godstone

Delving Deeper....

into their doom they go.

The heroes Continued on and found themselves afoul of a mind flayer and his ogre slaves.

They diuspatched them and moved for what seemed through hours through a quiet and peaceful underdark until they came to a great Room with large pools of acid where they bumped into a group of slaves led by a powerful mindflayer and after fighting for a few rounds a Purple Worm tunneled in from below swallowing the mindflayer and tossing some trolls and bullywugs into the acid.

The PC's fought bravely alongside a Dark Elf named Grieven that took the opportunity to break the elder brains mental control and they eventually killed the foul worm.

Together with their newfound ally they travelled through a tunnel uncovered by the worm's burrow and came upon a room that ended in a room with some crates , a lava pool and a bizarre creature , a floating fleshy orb with hundreds of razortoothed maws and misshapen eyes that looked half melted, Gin attempted to speak with the creature and only got that it served "The Nameless one, The King in Yellow" the creature seemed to manipulate gravity and flung the heroes about the room and almost dropped them into the lava before they killed it.

The crates seemed to be hiding a tunnel that went deeper and the crates contained random household items… strange indeed.


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