The Heroes of Port Godstone

Heskhan's Study

or, Heskhan Hits The Books!

Following the events of the Siege of Port Godstone, after doling out the necessary political duties one of his status must adhere to, after the dust had settled, after the parties and celebrations, Heskhan returned to his study and played the events over and over in his head that lead him to this moment.  

He relived his time on this new continent day by day, event by event, and there were many things that did not set well with him, many questions left unanswered.  He looked at the dragon eggs that were gifted to him, and thought of the skull of the blue dragon, and then remembered his own mortality has come into question a number of times, most of all due to that fire giant.

This led Heskhan to think of the final battle, and how his monk friend had handled the situation far better than he ever could.  It was then that a spark lit within the dragonborn, and he made the decision that he needed to be a better leader.  For his people, his burgeoning city, and most of all, the men and women he leads into battle.  Heskhan called for his steward to retrieve him all manner of material related to the subject of leadership and support.  

In the days following the Siege, Heskhan was rarely found outside his study, unless it is to be in the company of Sir Roderick, discussing all manners of leadership.  Heskhan has a newfound determination and will see it through to its end…


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