The Heroes of Port Godstone

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News From Afar!

The Waterdhavians and Cormyrians have decided to band together search the ruins of Myth Drannor and have brought out the first relics from the depths.

The Chultan Council has expressed interest in putting the relics in the museum for study.


You build homes and have built 16 new permanent houses in addition to the 8 that were also there.

Your call for more settlers is heard and you gain settlers!


The Main page of the wiki has been updated with the changes.




A man comes in from the boats and introduces himself to you.

He says his name is "Alodus" and he is a carpenter by trade.


He offers up his services and requests a wood shop be built to make full use of his abilities.

Even without the shop he speeds up building times for any wooden buildings considerably.


and finally

The Svirfneblin report that the firearms were set up to release a small vial of acid inside to melt away important components and it activated as they attempted to dissasemble the devices but they understand the premise and may be able to recreate it but it may take quite a while.



That cheeky gunsmith! At least our gnomes are good at what they do!

Heskhan greet Alodus and informs him that we’ve had many jobs for one of such his skill in the past, and I personally see that only increasing as we continue to grow.

What of the waterdhavian settlement? They mentioned they wanted to speak with us about troubles they were having.

Downtime 7 Results

As of the end of they month the Waterdhavians did not send anyone in response to your message.

Downtime 7 Results
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