The Heroes of Port Godstone

Downtime 6 Result

News from afar!

Waterdeep drives back the monsters and now have guards on the entrances
they opened and are working on sealing the tunnels.

Calimshite nobles have pooled together rewards for those who would explore
the ruins and establish communications with the barbarian tribes in the
land to the south.

You have Thorin draft up plans for a tournament and the townsfolk seem
pleased at the news. He says the resources and plans will be ready to go
next downtime.

The 2nd boat is full with hardy looking fighting men.

One of the fighting men intoduces himself as Jarrod, he is a human and he
says that the men with the badges in the shape of a flame are called the
Blazing Light Company, a company of mercenaries looking to, with your
permission, establish Port Godstone as their base of operations.

As far as recruits you get 10 new guardsmen for a total of 15 this is the
latest batch of new recruits trained by Sir Roderick.

Any inquiries about resurrections should be made in person (i.e. maybe that
is something you guys would wanna check out this session!)


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