The Heroes of Port Godstone

Downtime 6

News from afar!

Monsters erupt from beneath Waterdeep in waves!
The abandoned city of skullport below Waterdeep has returned to life as
scores of cavern dwelling bests burst through the tunnels and surged out
into the city, Waterdhavian guards are said to now be guarding the tunnels
beneath the city.

Reports by treasure hunters in the calimshite desert tell tales of a
strange and dangerous cult deep in the desert.

A new land has been discovered across the sea to the south of calimshite ,
the inhabitants of this land seem to be roaming barbarian tribesmen and it
is said to be filled with ancient ruins.

Some of the tribesmen have been hostile and some have been indifferent.

Audiences and local news

A dwarf with sharp features and a stern demeanor introduces himself as
Fletcher, an Architect and builder by trade.
He came over with the latest ship to help out. having him in your
settlement will speed up building times and lower building costs.

Another Human, this one a merchant called Norval, comes into town and sets
up a shop tent next to the chemist and leatherworker by the inn.
He terms his shop a "Survival" shop and it sells various bolts, arrows,
thrown weapons, camping supplies and survival gear.

A group of adventurers have been lured to the settlement hoping to cash in
on bounties and explore the land.

The group consists of Nedwar, a Rock Gnome , presumably a bard, who has
been playing music at the inn and around town

Ranwyn Alesmith –  A child of the famous Alesmith clan of dwarves is on a
pilgrimage of sorts exploring and figuring out new recipes for brews, has
begun speaking with griswold about the possibility of an apprenticeship.

Elliewick – A very young druid, seems optimistic and curious and has been
becoming friends with Tannick the dwarven healer and herbalist.

Vitaer – A Half Elf ranger who seems quiet and sticks to the shadows.

The groups exploits have been going around town.

The group left early one day and supposedly ran afoul of a few gnolls and
reports are very cloudy what occured next, it is said to have been a fierce
and bloody fight and by all accounts the druid Elliewick died during the
fight, but is said to have been returned to life and is resting at
Ozymandius's tower.


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