The Heroes of Port Godstone

Downtime 5 Result

News from afar!

No further news comes through port.

Settlement Status: Cormyrian
Laws of Cormyr

Public intoxication, vagrancy – One night in jail

Theft under 100 G, minor assaults, Vandalism and mischief – two weeks in
jail or corporal punishment as seen fit by the magistrate.

Violent assaults, Rapes, Stealing crops or livestock or Thefts over 100 G -
Minimum of 2 months in jail maximum 10 years, corporal punishment,
indentured servitude and restitution.

Murders, major thefts (Over 1000PP), Despicable crimes that may not fit in
other categories as seen fit by the local magistrate(bestiality, etc) -
Execution, life imprisonment and corporal punishments, posessions
liquidated and used for restitution where applicable.

Your call for adventurers to slay gnolls and explore the land has been said
to have produced as groups of adventurers are estimated to be arriving in a
month or less.

Your inquiries into the weapons leads to a waiting list, the gnome that
created these has had to take on a lot of new full time help and is having
trouble keeping up with orders but you will be put on a waiting list along
with your order and a courier will be dispatched and your order delivered,
payment on delivery of product. You also have a catalog (will upload
catalog later. Basically you guys can look at it decide on an order and it
will arrive when you name comes up on the list. Waiting time is said to be
close to 3 months currently.

An Human chemist named Finn comes on the final ship of the month and sets a
tent up near the leatherworker and put out several chemical concotions like
alchemists fire and acid flasks and the like and puts up a sign advertising
chemical mixtures at low prices.


CapitalistPig autowaaagh

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