The Heroes of Port Godstone

Downtime 5

News from afar!

Treasure hunters have brought back more relics from the desert and many of
the artifacts appear to be related to the cult of orcus that was active
during the second godwar.

Cormyrian forces have discovered ruins on a small island north of the
continent proper with ruins on it that appear to be the ruins of the
ancient city of Myth Drannor.
The king is offering large rewards to any explorers willing to confirm this.

In similar news, The Great Ziggurat in Chult had a floor crumble on the
lowest level revealing a passage that was unknown before leading further
down into the depths. The scholars investigating the ruins say they have
set up an encampment around the entrance and are inviting brave adventurers
to explore the passages and map them out so the scholars may decide a best
route and make sure the way is safe. Thus far no one has taken them up on

Several high ranking Waterdhavian nobles and generals have been
assassinated and they are accusing The King of Cormyr of fighting an
underhanded war and that they will respond in kind if this is how the
Cormyrian army wishes to do battle. The King of Cormyr has vehemently
denounced these claims and accused Waterdeep of attempting to discredit him

A gnome from a shop in Port Llast has discovered a way to use powder to
make small machines that launch projectiles at a rapid speed in a new form
of ranged weapon, It usually have one shot before it must be reloaded and
the reloading process takes a considerable amount of time so it is usually
only of limited usefulness, but the shot itself is quite powerful capable
of doing great amounts of damage and punching a hole through heavier
armors. The machines are expensive and the shots are not cheaply made
making it a novel if impractical weapon and many elven nobles have begun to
use them in honor duels to the death and it is very popular among them to
carry around dueling kits with a couple of the weapons and a single shot
for each.

Audiences -

The only audience this month is

A Human from Shadowdale in Cormyr Specifically a rancher named Pavel who
raises and sells horses, along with his business partner , a dwarf named
Drugin who ran the stables in Shadowdale.

They have come offering horses in return for land to raise them and a
stable in town they would provide you each with a horse or pony for the
small ones.


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