The Heroes of Port Godstone

Downtime 4 Result

10 new settlers arrive

You gather 500 resources with the assets you have available and another 400
from allies.

The Brewery is complete and attached to the back of the inn, Griswold takes
over the inn and hires a couple barmaids from the populace as well as
hiring a few  to teach the craft of brewing and apprentice under him.

Tenir responds to you request

"Ahhh, no me old bones aren't fit fer fightin' any more ahm afraid. Ah kin
help well with buildin things and will lend a hand in town."

The centaurs are receptive to your apologies and the diplomat that was sent
says he left because he "saw into the mans soul and found it wanting."

They will dispatch scouts to check the situation around the temple.
Oh almost forgot, a skilled Leatherworker named Coren arrived on the second boat, he sets his tent up and hangs a sign offering gold for any hides brought to him and sets up a table with various leather goods next to the inn.
He also has a sign that says he will make any leather goods including armor for the appropriate cost or a discount if you supply your own matereals.


CapitalistPig autowaaagh

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