The Heroes of Port Godstone

Downtime 4

News from afar!

The Scholars in Calimshan working with the Chultan scholars have decided to
place the artifacts into a museum that is to be built in Calimshan and work
has begun on the project, they advertise good prices for any artifacts
uncovered from the Calimshan wastes and treasure hunters from all around
have come flocking to Calimshan.

The cave with the undead was sealed by The Chultan council who gathered a
group of highly skilled masons and bricklayers to wall off the entrance to
the cave and carefully searched the area for more caves making sure to seal
off any additional entrances that were found.

Waterdeep has taken over the keep at the edge of cartswallow marsh and
driven cormyrian troops from the surrounding area.

Rumors are starting to spread that the king has fallen ill.

A strange cult of fanatics wearing simple burlap robes calling themselves
the Church of  Ilmater Reborn have been wandering the land (seen in Cormyr
AND Waterdeep) openly denouncing the war and both rulers as well as
denouncing this so called League and fighting them wherever they are found.
They are gaining followers among the commoners at an alarming rate. They
seemingly have no leaders. They openly wear symbols of the ancient god
Ilmater who was said to be the god of Endurance, Suffering, and Martyrdom,
and the members do indeed perform rituals that involve self flagellation
and scarification.


The first audience is a human named Jerith

He is an older gentleman in his 50's and is just sort of an average looking
guy in simple clothing. He explaines that he is a master jeweler and worked
for the Council in chult before opening a shop in cormyr, but his shop was
destroyed by the league in an attack and he volunteered to come here to
start over. He has seen the state of the settlement and offers his services
once the village has become more established.

Next up is A Dragonborn with silver scales named Tenir, he is odd in that
his talons have been removed and he has strange scars all over his face, he
tells his story.

"Good day to yeh goo sir knight, Let me tell yeh me tale as I'm new here
and no doubt yeh find the situation with me talons strange. When I was yet
a lad long ago I was captured by some crazed wizards and they did some
manner of ritual on me an cut oout me talons. I were left fer dead and cast
aside, come teh find out , they was tryin teh waken dragons again if yeh
can believe it! So's anyway, I was distraught about me talons and felt as
if they'd ripped me whole soul away. So I found meself in Cormyr where a
kind man took me in and taught me how teh build ships, and so me trade ever
since has been teh build sturdy ships fer the Cormyrian fleet. I seen the
papers on the billboards around Cormyr so I decided teh come out here an
start fresh buildin what ships yeh need and makin a difference. I heard
there was a dragonborn like meself here in charge so I wanted to be a part
of it. Noiw, judgin' by the state of affairs as I see em' yeh may not have
much need fer me skills yet but in my youth before I had me talons cut I
were a fine soldier and an adventurer explorin' old caves an such lookin
fer dragon eggs to add to me collection."

He removes a leather package from his pack and unrolls it, inside there are
5 dragon eggs, bronze, silver, gold, copper, and brass colored one of each.

"I want teh give yeh these as a sign of me sincerity , an before yeh go
refusin an sayin yeh can't accept such a gift I'm not hearin any of it,
theyr'e yers an ye'll just have teh deal with it. Other'n that I'll try to
make meself as useful as possible until yeh need me ships built.

He bows respectfully and leaves.

Next up Rolf Highhammer , the captain of the guards comes in to give a
He tells you that gnolls have been raiding all of our allies using sneaky
tactics and striking in small amounts here and there in small skirmishes
but the main League contingent has not marched to war at all.

He also mentions that Montavius came back into town and immediately left on
the ship leaving for Cormyr without a word.

Finally he mentions that a strange group of priests in burlap robes came
ashore with the last ship and set out south towards the Waterdhavian
settlement before he could question them.

And that is all the audiences.


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