The Heroes of Port Godstone

Downtime 3 Result

News from afar!

Terrorist attack continue in waterdeep and cormyr!

The first battle has been fought in the war, A battle over the border keep belonging to Cormyr on the western edge of the cartswallow marsh Waterdhavian troops won a small skirmish driving Cormyrian forces back into the keep which is currently under siege.

Calimshite and Chultan scholars have determined the artifacts to be associated with the cult of orcus and feel that they stumbled upon an ancient cache of the cult from the Second God Wars.

A small cave was discovered near the Great Ziggurat on the Chult peninsula where minor undead were found to exist. Wizards have taken over the cave to study this anomaly further.

At the end of the downtime a small procession of Orcs rides into town at their lead is Thokk, the orc that you captured, he looks to be healing from several nasty wounds and is where a different cloak than you last saw him in, it is made from the hide of a dire wolf and bears the symbol of a black hand in the shape of a fist wearing a plate gauntlet.

He demands audience with the leadership and when in a private audience informs you that he has taken command of the orcish forces in the area and deposed the old War Chief.

The Orcs of the Iron fist tribe are yours to command in this conflict as are the Goblins of Direpeak.

The majority of the orcish and goblin forces have abandoned the Fire Giant's army, and as you promised the goblins have taken up residence in the fishing village you initially found them in and the Orcs retain control of the Fortress.

They pledge their cooperation in the war for the agreed upon terms and wish Cormyr a prosperous and peaceful future alliance.


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