The Heroes of Port Godstone

Downtime 3

News from afar!

Waterdeep has officially declared war on Cormyr!
Diplomatic negotiations broke down after a group of cormyrian mercenaries
kidnapped a waterdhavian diplomats daughter and held her for ransom.

A group of Chultan explorers emerged from the Calimshan desert with many
priceless artifacts from before the Godwar.
Chultan and Calimshite scholars are currently working together to figure
out their mysteries.

Terrorist attacks plague Waterdhavians and Cormyrians alike as radical
terror attacks target both Kingdoms a group calling themselves the league
has taken responsibility but have not voiced any demands or said much of
anything else.

Resources and population were lost during the fire giants show of force.

Your first audience is with a messenger from Cormyr with a written response
from the king.

"My apologies good sir knight, unfortunately we have descended into war
with Waterdeep and can spare no troops. I have put out a call to any
citizens who wish to aid you and offered them a bonus to travel to you and
assist they will likely arrive at the end of the month. Again, my
apologies. The messenger I have sent has many skills I feel will be
valuable to you in your time of need and He is to stay there as long as
needed to resolve your current situation."

after you have read it the messenger, a bald elf wearing a gaudy and
flamboyant outfit and has a rapier in a sheath on the left side of his belt
and a bandolier filled with daggers across his chest, bows deeply and
introduces himself.

"I am Montavius and I have come to help you out at the behest of the king.
My skills lie on the diplomatic end of the spectrum and I also have …
other skills …. that may be of benefit given the correct circumstances
are in place.
I only ask for a room and a hot meal every day and I am at your service."

Your second audience is with another civilian who came on the same ship as
the messenger

He introduces himself as Tannick , he is a dwarf wearing simple white robes
and carrying a sturdy looking warhammer on his hip. He has a large backpack
that is filled to the brim with scrolls and medical supplies.
He says he is a healer and is well versed in natural healing techniques and
herbalism and heard about your plight and wishes to assist the town by
opening up an infirmary/ apothecary , he will run it out of his tent for
the time being but if you wanted to build a more permanent building he
would be happy to make this his new home.

The third and final audience is with a somewhat frail looking and sickly
human who introduces himself as Karth, he is a jewelry maker specialising
in goldsmithing. He understands that the settlement is in a bad place now
and his skills are for luxury items but wanted you to know that he was
available and what his skillset was. He wants to help however he can in the


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