The Heroes of Port Godstone

Downtime 2 Result

Action Results!

The incoming ships bring news from afar at the end of the month!

Waterdeep and Cormyr negotiations took a serious hit when a group of
Cormyrian soldiers started a fight with a group of Waterdhavian soldiers at
a bar in Chult and it broke out into a full scale tavern brawl with people
on both sides being killed. The soldiers on both sides were reprimanded and
released from service and negotiations continue but tensions are running

The Chultan Expedition into the desert wastes still has not sent any word
back to Chult

The Calishite council heard from their explorers and they have unearthed an
ancient artifact and are now returning with it.

Waterdhavian soldiers that went into the Mountains have not been heard from

Your citizens focus on gathering all the resources you have available  to

You gain 750 resources plus a Bonus of 100 for specialists in the



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