The Heroes of Port Godstone

Downtime 2

News from the inbound ship from cormyr:
Waterdeep and Cormyr have cooled off slightly and war is seeming less imminent

The Chultan Expedition into the desert wastes is underway!

The Calishite council has put together a group of explorers to explore the wastes.

Waterdeep has deployed a group of soldiers to go into the Gorefiend Mountains



You have Four Audiences:

The Mapmakers tell you that they have completed mapping all of the lands available to map currently as they were instructed not to go too far south towards the Waterdhavian Settlement, but they are willing to do it if they order you too, but doing so would risk hostilities with Waterdeep.
The remaining portion that was mapped contained a Small Woodcutters Camp that was overrun by an Ettin, The Ettin just seems to be living there and spends its time fishing from the ocean and patrolling a small radius around the camp.

The second is The innkeeper Jonas, 

He says that there was almost a Riot because he ran out of basic necessities and it made the people angry. He suggests that we focus on gathering resources so that we don't run out again.

The third audience is Rolf Highhammer (the captain of the guard)

He says the defences are going fine but a group of gnolls was spotted scouting our settlement but ran away when they were discovered and word was sent to the centaurs to keep an eye out for them.

The final Audience is with a Gnome named Fizgig Trompinskulk,

He explains that he is an Expert Silversmith and that he has , in his free time, scouted out along the beach and discovered a cave that contains silver!

He explains that is a mine is built he would be able to create Luxury Trade Goods to trade with Cormyr OR if we were able to get a writ from the king we could build a mint and start minting official Cormyrian silver coins, He understands that you have more important priorities at the moment but he felt you should know about it.


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