The Heroes of Port Godstone

Downtime 1

The first step of Downtime is the audiences:

Three People have come to see you this month

  1. First is a Male settler named Jonas asking you to consider setting up an Inn to improve the settlers moods and make a little extra money from possible travelers
  2. Second is a female settler named Karinda who was a Madame in Cormyr, she asks that you put an ordinance in effect making prostitution legal (currently it falls under "Vagrancy" In the law structure of Cormyr and many cities in Cormyr have local ordinances doing this same thing. She offers a portion of profits to you if you accept. (If you do this your economy will rise but some people may be unhappy about it and Cormyr may look upon it unfavorably)
  3. Finally there is one of the map makers who suggests focusing on the happiness of citizens instead of defenses right away, because with the centaurs as allies and the gnomes keeping mostly to themselves the only imminent threat is the goblins, and they could take months to organize themselves, he also alternately suggest focusing on a jail or some place to hold prisoners and focusing on law and order.

Now that the audiences have completed the next part of the turn order will be proposing local ordinances,discussing the audiences, and conferring with your cabinet members (Steve as you are the knight in charge from Cormyr you get final say though)


CapitalistPig autowaaagh

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