The Heroes of Port Godstone

Downtime 7

Week of 9/11

News from afar!


Waterdeep and Cormyr have signed a Treaty and the war is over, with Cormyr giving ground to Waterdeep in exchange for resources and favorable trade agreements and the agreement to focus on exploring the newly rediscovered ruins of Myth Drannor.

All else is quiet.

No new settlers arrive on the docks this month but a great deal of new information is discovered about numerous things!

The adventuring party exploring the wilds has returned with a harrowing tale, Elliewick the Druid recounts the tale to you and Nedwar the gnome sings songs of their victories in Griswold's tavern.

The party first visited Ozymandius where the Monks resurrected Elliewick, as you remember.

From there Ozymandius set them to explore some ancient Dwarven ruins where they discovered some kobolds taking residence in the main hall and treasure vault area of the hold which they dispatched.

They also discovered a mimic guarding a hidden treasure room where they found some ancient dwarven statuettes that they donated to a dwarven Museum in Cormyr.

After breaching a barricaded door they dispatched an Ettercap living in what used to be dwarven barracks by setting fire to its webs , which thickly covered the entire room and combined with the creatures manure the room went up in a searing hot conflagration killing all the spiders the ettercap was attending to and the ettercap itself.

From there they found a room that had been overgrown with thousands of years worth of vines and strange herbs which they dutifully collected and took samples of.

before opening another barricaded door which led to a small encampment of the legendary Drow elves who had trained giant spiders to respond to commands as if they were dogs.

The party fought a brutal and vicious battle with the elves wherein the Dwarf Ranwyn was killed and Elliewick was almost captured by the Drow, but her companions rescued her at the cost of the poor Dwarf's life.

They also rescued a Svirfneblin that had been captured and he led them out safely and rejoined his people.

Ranwyn's body was sent off to her family in Cormyr as well as her posessions and Griswold holds a wake for his new Dwarven friend taken from this world too early.


Ozymandius also was accompanying the new adventurers and brings grave news.

In the Drow camp the adventurers recovered documentation written in Abyssal indicating that the group was an advance scouting party for a large force from the underdark intent on some sort of attack on the Surface dwellers.

Ozymandius has also finished fully interpreting the book you found in the quarry and says that it seems to be either from a world with a much different history than ours, like an alternate history. It could however be a work of fiction of some kind.

It tells of our world, but in which after the very first Godwar, where the Empire took over Faerun they used a creature only called "The Great Beast" and after the battle the Empire lost control of the great beast and it began wreaking havok on the land until they finally subdued it.

They realized the magical potential of the beast and saw how it regenerated and they trapped it in a building in what used to be called Sembia and restrained it with powerful magical chains holding it to the ground.

They then created a guild of strong and hardy people to carefully remove parts of the beast and utilize its many parts in various magical mixtures and rituals enhancing the magical power of the world twofold.

It refers to this group as "The Butcher's Guild" and they refer to them as very a prestigious and dangerous job that is very well paid.

This butchers guild occasionally suffers casualties if the beast breaks one of its great limbs free and needs to be restrained again, the butchers are on a constant vigil so that the beast does not escape and they are well trained.

It tells of the Empire growing in such magical power that they crush any and all resistance.

The order of the hand who once set into motion the events leading to the second godwar and the loss of magic in the world was but a footnote of rebellions that the Empire crushed.

The book ends in The 26th of Elisias in the year 1200 DR and seems to only be the firs volume in a set.


Ozymandius notes some very important observations.

One, if this is a work of fiction of some kind why would it be at the bottom of a quarry protected by a Cyclops?

Why is the League interested in this book?

And why is this book dangerous in the wrong hands?


He looks troubled and furrows his brow and then leaves the book with you to keep safe and goes back to his tower mumbling about studies.

Your Firearms are delivered and your payment is taken.

You set the Svirfneblin to reverse engineering them and figuring out their inner workings.

They will report back when they have made progress.

With the war over a messenger from Waterdhavian settlement sends a message asking to meet with your leaders for assistance with a sticky situation they find themselves in.


For completeness:
The official actions are going to be
1) Build Homes
2) Build Homes
3) Increase Population

Outside of that, Heskhan is going to be doing research into being a better leader.

Downtime 7
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