The Heroes of Port Godstone

Delving Deeper....
into their doom they go.

The heroes Continued on and found themselves afoul of a mind flayer and his ogre slaves.

They diuspatched them and moved for what seemed through hours through a quiet and peaceful underdark until they came to a great Room with large pools of acid where they bumped into a group of slaves led by a powerful mindflayer and after fighting for a few rounds a Purple Worm tunneled in from below swallowing the mindflayer and tossing some trolls and bullywugs into the acid.

The PC's fought bravely alongside a Dark Elf named Grieven that took the opportunity to break the elder brains mental control and they eventually killed the foul worm.

Together with their newfound ally they travelled through a tunnel uncovered by the worm's burrow and came upon a room that ended in a room with some crates , a lava pool and a bizarre creature , a floating fleshy orb with hundreds of razortoothed maws and misshapen eyes that looked half melted, Gin attempted to speak with the creature and only got that it served "The Nameless one, The King in Yellow" the creature seemed to manipulate gravity and flung the heroes about the room and almost dropped them into the lava before they killed it.

The crates seemed to be hiding a tunnel that went deeper and the crates contained random household items… strange indeed.

a quarry too far.

The heroes learned that Ozymandius and ulfgar have discovered that the Godstone is actually some sort of seed that can grow a magical grove for the druid. The party authorized them to use it. They then ventured to the Quarry to explore the last remaining cave there.

Inside the cave they discovered the body of one of the miners and a second miner ranting about a montser from the depths. The Heroes took him outside to be watched over by the foreman. When they ventured back in the had a battle with some strange creatures, intellect devourers as they are known. Small brains with clawed legs. Gin had encountered these before and knew of their capability to hide in the head of a person, fearing the worst they quickly hurried out of the caves to discover the miners had taken care of the issue and explained that the miner they found inside had attacked them and they killed him and the intellect devourer that resided in his head.

Once more into the breach our heroes discovered a cavern full of Myconids that they befriended. The myconids informed them that further into the caves was the domain of mind flayers and that they should be careful. Then there was a large tremor in the earth causing a cave in that has out heroes trapped in this underground world.

They ventured onwards and encounterd a very large group of Death Dogs and they tactically funnelled the dumb creatures into a small chokepoint to take them out one or two at a time.

To be Continued…..

Downtime 8 Results

News from afar: 

Waterdeep and Cormyr have set aside all differences to fully explore Myth Drannor and have unearthed many ancient artifacts as they continue to study the portal.


No more experts or specialists have arrived from cormyr.

- Gather Resources – Your people gather resources

- Build Houses – Houses will be finished in 1 downtime

- Repair Defenses Repairs will be finished in 1 downtime

- Build Shipyard – The shipyard will become active in 3 downtimes.




Downtime 8
all the things

News From Afar!

A group of adventurers returned from the ruins of Myth Drannor in a stupor telling tales of a portal to another world filled with terrible beasts.

It is said that Cormyr and Waterdeep have both sent a large amount of troops to investigate.


No other news


You only have one audience this month.

Into the audience chamber strides a large group of the Ilmater Reborn monks.

At their head is a man with a shaved head and a tattoo of the symbol of Ilmater on his forehead. He strides forward and speaks.

"My name is Randar and I am considered to be the leader of Ilmater Reborn.

I am here to decide your worth in Ilmater's eyes.

I demand answers to the following.

What is your purpose in this land and what are your intentions?

Who do you serve?

What are you willing to sacrifice?

Will you submit to Ilmater's Judgement no matter what it may be?

He then stands and waits expectantly."










The Lizardmen part 2
or The continuing adventures of swampy mcgee

Our heroes continued down into the swamp where they discovered two Chain Devils guarding an iron cage with a drow inside of it.

The half of the group snuck in and attacked the devils with surprise then the rest came charging in.

The heroes prevailed and freed the drow, who introduced himself as Gin.

At about that time Ozymandius teleported into the swamp, this was an amazing feat in and of itself, was his magical power growing staying on the magical nexus? in any case Ozymandius had a breakthrough with the Godstone itself and requested Ulfgar's presence and Ulfgar followed Ozymandius back through the portal, but not before giving Gin an herbal concotion to help heal him and restore his powers.

The group continued where they found a treant that had been driven mad by a foul planar crystal embedded in its trunk , the heroes were forced to slay the poor creature who had turned black and his leaves wept out a dark red sap. The heroes found a large chest embedded under the tree filled with coins.

The group continued on to find a woman with wings called Griselda, she was the one that the lizardmen said was a human, but she was clearly not. The Devil from the infernal planes attempted to strike a bargain with the heroes. Kill the lizardmen and let them experiment in peace, after all they were trying to reestablish planar contact which is something that is a good goal for the world. The heroes held true to their ideals and even managed to get her to divulge that she was working for The League.

The heroes discovered a large cache of weaponry and armor as well as very valuable gems, who knows what the items could be if magic were at its most potent?

The devil had a large pulsing planar crystal that shattered upon her death and the other devils fell lifeless when she did, hmm, interesting indeed.

The heroes told the lizardmen of their success and went on to also tell the waterdhavian settlement of their victory in returning the status quo and the peace between the lizards and the humans in the area.

They then returned to Port Godstone to await another day of running the settlement.

Post-fight thoughts: Spined Devils

As the last of the Spined Devil's drew its final breath, and the heroes had a moment, a thought occurred to Heskhan.  Once it crossed him mind he felt rather silly and very stupid for not thinking about it before they had left the Lizardfolk village.

Heskhan turned to his dwarven comrade, Ulfgar.  The druid had a natural talent with the wilderness (as most druids do) and had shown that in times of great urgency, he could send secret missives with great import.  "Ulfgar.  When next you get a chance, can you send a message to Ozymandius and the Order monks?  I think Ozymandius would like to know of the the stone I saw in my 'dream', and the monks may know more of this lady that guards it."

In which a tournament is held
and a request for aid is answered

Port Godstone held its first Tournament and given recent circumstances it was to honor those who gave their lives in the Battle Of Port Godstone.

The day was a much needed celebration and gathering, people came from all over including other continents to participate as their were even merchants from as far away as Baldur's Gate!

Aside from the merchants there were competitions for might in close combat, archery, and tests of intelligence.

The winners of each category were given a modest prize purse and honored during an excellent speech at the end of the day by Heskhan.

The Martial contest was won, surprisingly, by the quiet stable hand Drugan.

The Archery contest was taken by a Knight in the Cormyrian army there for the tournament by the name of Viseir.

And of course, the tests of intelligence were won by Ozymandius

who graciously gave his winnings back to the people of Port Godstone by making sure to visit every merchant and purchase things and bought treats for all the children and several rounds of Ale at Griswold's for the whole tavern after the Tournament concluded.

All in all the Tournament did great wonders to the economy of the settlement improving it significantly.

The Heroes of Port Godstone decided the next day to investigate what was happening in the Waterdhavian Settlement as their request to come to Port Godstone was not answered and no one from the settlement showed up for the tournament.

They set out on the two day ride to the south and while stopping for the night and camping Heskhan. heard a noise in the distance and through the tall grass a wounded half orc came crashing towards the camp followed by many insectoid creatures that burrowed up through the ground dropping the poor Half Orc.

The Heroes quickly came to his ais and slew the Ankheg that were hunting the Half Orc.

After healing him and providing him hospitality at their fire they learned his name was Ronoruk

and that he was on a ship bound from Cormyr to Port Godstone for the tournament and that the ship was destroyed by rock throwing giants as it passed around the Gorefist mountains and Ronoruk made a dangerous trek through the mountains barely surviving and then being hunted by the Ankheg as he made his way to the settlement.

He turned out to be a low ranking member of the Cormyrian Military who pledged his service to Heskhan as his squire.

The Heroes , and their new companion, travelled to the Waterdhavian settlement arriving late at night the next day and being immediately ushered to the Manor of Azuth

 who explained that Lizardfolk , who up until now, had always lived peacefully in the swamp, had become aggressive and were attacking a guard tower to the south and the settlement on the coast.

The Pc's accepted Azuth's hospitality for the remainder of the night and left out the next morning to talk to the captain of the guard tower in the east.

They arrived with no trouble and spoke with the captain, who introduced himself as Captain Celob of the Waterdhavian Army.

He explained that the lizardfolk had been coming from the swamp and attacking the tower and coastal settlement and that he isn't willing to send anymore men into the swamp to die.

The Heroes agreed they would go in and check it out.

Very soon into the swamp the Heroes were surrounded by lizrdmen, upon seeing that none of them were Humans they were cautious but when asked by Heskhan to take them to their leader they obliged and allowed only Heskhan to speak with their leader, A very old lizardfolk shaman.

The Shaman asked him to breathe in the fumes from a bubbling green pot in front of him and his mind instantly began soaring through the swamp to the center past some enraged and twisted Treants to a pale human woman in black and red plate armor sitting on a throne in front of a giant pulsing crystal flanked by two humanoids covered in chains and doing some sort of dance. The Woman stared directly at him and the journey ended and he snapped back into his body.

The shaman explained that the human slays any Lizardfolk that comes near and the lizardfolk blame all humans because with their way of thinking, all humans are of one tribe just as all Lizardfolk are of one tribe. They agree to end the attacks if the Heroes can make this woman leave the swamp. No amount of explaining would make the Shaman understand that all humans were not a part of the same tribe.

The Heroes then set out into the swamp, having to decide between a shorter path that would be more difficult to travel, and a longer path with easier footing but mush danger.

They chose the longer path.

They turned the corner only to run directly into a large group of Spined Devils intent on murdering them. The Heroes prevailed.

The adventures of the Heroes will continue in two weeks time. 

A half man from two worlds

Several bundles of arrows, hunting traps, quiver….. 

Aesir goes over the checklist one more time, it's been awhile since he went out on an extended hunt, in fact it been awhile since he has hunted normal prey. Lately its been gnolls, goblins, orcs, hobgoblins, and creatures that shouldn't exist on the surface at all!

….trail rations for the first night, worn leather boots for sneaking….

The last time he remembered being able to properly hunt was back in Cormyr and he had to apply fot a license first! A license to hunt??? Bah!

……..elven hunting knife, a gift from his father when he came of age, right before he left the High Forest to travel to Cormyr, …..

City life has never been for him, he is a hunter, a gather, or he was, now he sits on a council and is couped up behind stone walls. This trip is needed, he needs to feel like his self again and stop pretending to be whatever he is now.

….and lastly his hunting cloak, dyed the color of the forest, worn and as old as long as he could hold a longbow. He throws on his cloak and goes to grab his packs but as the cloak settles something falls out of one of the pockets. It's the a small silver brooch. The very brooch he recieved from his mother as he left Cormyr to venture to a new settlement. It's small, about the size of his palm. A silver leaf with the dragon of Cormyr etched into it. She said it was to remind him of both of his homes as I traveled.

Home….its been awhile since he first called Port Godstone home. He found new friends and comrades here, ones he has sworn to protect. But his first home is the forest, his first friends were the trees and he has neglected that place for far to long. And it's time he righted that.

Aesir leaves for the forest on a month long hunting trip. But before that he says a quick fair well to his comrades all except for Heskan, whom is bound to his keep in deep study. Heh, a dragon and his keep. 


Heskhan's Study
or, Heskhan Hits The Books!

Following the events of the Siege of Port Godstone, after doling out the necessary political duties one of his status must adhere to, after the dust had settled, after the parties and celebrations, Heskhan returned to his study and played the events over and over in his head that lead him to this moment.  

He relived his time on this new continent day by day, event by event, and there were many things that did not set well with him, many questions left unanswered.  He looked at the dragon eggs that were gifted to him, and thought of the skull of the blue dragon, and then remembered his own mortality has come into question a number of times, most of all due to that fire giant.

This led Heskhan to think of the final battle, and how his monk friend had handled the situation far better than he ever could.  It was then that a spark lit within the dragonborn, and he made the decision that he needed to be a better leader.  For his people, his burgeoning city, and most of all, the men and women he leads into battle.  Heskhan called for his steward to retrieve him all manner of material related to the subject of leadership and support.  

In the days following the Siege, Heskhan was rarely found outside his study, unless it is to be in the company of Sir Roderick, discussing all manners of leadership.  Heskhan has a newfound determination and will see it through to its end…

Downtime 7 Results
stuff and also junk

News From Afar!

The Waterdhavians and Cormyrians have decided to band together search the ruins of Myth Drannor and have brought out the first relics from the depths.

The Chultan Council has expressed interest in putting the relics in the museum for study.


You build homes and have built 16 new permanent houses in addition to the 8 that were also there.

Your call for more settlers is heard and you gain settlers!


The Main page of the wiki has been updated with the changes.




A man comes in from the boats and introduces himself to you.

He says his name is "Alodus" and he is a carpenter by trade.


He offers up his services and requests a wood shop be built to make full use of his abilities.

Even without the shop he speeds up building times for any wooden buildings considerably.


and finally

The Svirfneblin report that the firearms were set up to release a small vial of acid inside to melt away important components and it activated as they attempted to dissasemble the devices but they understand the premise and may be able to recreate it but it may take quite a while.



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