over 500 years ago on the world of Abeir-Toril the continent of Faerun was overrun by a powerful Empire that swarmed in from an island previously unknown to the world. They cut a swath through Faerun and took over, The Emperor ruling with an iron fist. This culminated in a huge war involving the gods themselves and resulting in the deaths of many gods and goddesses. The release of power from this war started into motion certain events that would ripple through worlds and dimensions. It was known as the First Godwar and many of the realms heroes fell that day, only Khelben Blackstaff survived to tell the tale. 

Then, 40 years into their reign, the Empire was tested by a group of rebels known as The Order of the Hand founded by Maximillan a former Dark Paladin and General in the Empire's military. He had atoned and sought to right the wrongs he helped create.

The Order succeeded and overthrew the Empire , once again the gods became involved and it culminated in a great war, more devastating than the First, simply called the Second Godwars.


The Empire and The Order banded together to stop the Cult of orcus from succeeding in bringing Orcus manifest into the world, but at the last moment a former general of the empire completed the ritual for himself, becoming a god and a brave party of heroes from the Order slew him completing the ripples that began in the first Godwars and shattering the planet forever. The following energies warped the face of the planet and cut off its connection to all other planes of existence and took magic away from the world, and also took away gods.

The world continued, though broken and without magic or the divine to call upon and just now the planet begins to heal, magic slowly returned, though at much lower power levels, druids could still tap into the worlds primal energies to fuel their powers, but again, at much less powerful levels.

The ancient kingdoms that survived were few and split amongst broken continents and islands.

Cormyr surviving as its own country, led by the remnants of The Order of The Hand sharing borders with the remnants of The Empire in the Country of Waterdeep. Then on a Jungle island to the south The Council, consisting of the remnants of the societies of Chult, Baldur's Gate, ,Port Llast, and Neverwinter tirelessly work to uncover relics from the past watched over by the elite troops of The Flaming Fist.

And further south the desert realm of Calimshan still exists and as always, anything can be bought and sold there and they work closely with the council as they like to uncover ancient relics from the desert sands.

Connected to Calimshan to the east past the desert wastes is a new untapped wild land of adventure and intrigue and this is where we join our heroes, tasked with forging a settlement out of the wilderness by King Azoun the 27th of Cormyr.


The Story so far:

The group, led by the Cormyrian Knight Heskhan have founded the beginnings of a settlement but they were accosted by an army of gnolls, orcs, goblins, Hobgoblins, and bugbears Led by a Fire Giant with a pet Chimera. They soon discovered this army works for a mysterious group called The League. Aside from struggling with The League and poor health and happiness amongst the population they also made alliances with a large group of Roaming Centaur and a city of Svirfneblin in the hills to the east. Eventually they turned the leader of the Orc contingent to their side also bringing with them the goblins. They also discovered some links to underdark and a vast cave system as well as one strange spot where Magic operated at full potential, as in the days of the Ancients.

They met an old Wizard named Ozymandius who set up a tower on that spot to study its origins and puzzle out its mysteries.

They also found a group of Monks who are searching for a way to bring the gods back into the world and they seem to have been able to perform some miracles.

Eventually they grew more powerful and found an old stone quarry where they uncovered the first volume of a strange historical book that describes a world where instead of The second godwar happening the rebellion was crushed and magic became MORE powerful. Interesting, could this be a work of fiction or a book from another dimension?


Finally the Army of The League attacked the Settlement and were successful in fending them off, killing the Fire Giant and his Chimera and many many gnolls the remainder of the army scattered to the four winds, but a group of adventurers brought back proof of a possible invasion of Drow from the Underdark and there is a problem in the south at a Waterdhavian settlement and who knows what other threats lurk nigh?